Kundalini Yoga

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Kundalini Yoga

This time in the Fitness and more yoga series, we bring you one of the ancient & powerful asanas which is Kundalini Yoga. An asana which inculcates the sense of awareness within you. The term ‘Kundalini’ is a Sanskrit word which means circular. It further refers to the source of cosmic energy which lies coiled at the base of the spine in every being. It’s a latent female energy that resides within every human. The process of Kundalini awakening can be done in different ways. Some system focuses on Kundalini awakening through Pranayama breathing, Deep meditation, regular practicing of asana, and chanting of mantra. While other influence on Kundalini awakening through Tantra, Mantra, Yantra, and Yoga. Kundalini Awakening results in an enriching feeling of enlightenment & happiness within an individual.

Kundalini yoga which is popularly known as healing yoga originated around 5000 years back. The purpose of Kundalini Yoga is to uplift one’s inner self. It aims to transform & expand the level of consciousness through activating the primal energy up the way to spine through chakras, which are known to be the energy centers of the body. To accomplish the process, these chakras need to be active & balance. It can be done by unifying Prana- the cosmic energy with Apana- the eliminating energy, it creates a sort of compression that led Kundalini to arise through the medium of pranayama (breathing), Yoga Asanas (Postures), Bandhas (body lock), Mantras (sacred sounds), Mudras (gestures). It is a perfect empowering technique for relaxing mind, senses and the body.

Symptoms of a Kundalini Awakening

In the process of Kundalini Awakening, the actioner may experience some symptoms. However, these signs & symptoms may vary for everyone depending upon the energy blocks in an individual’s physical, mental, spiritual, and mental bodies. These symptoms are related to the blockage, and as the individual start working over to release the blockage he might be holding from long, the signs disappear.

Signs & Symptoms can include:

•    A sense of flowing electric current in the body

•    Frequent Shakes & Jerks in the body which are not in control of the person

•    A sense of insects crawling on the body usually on the spine

•    Feeling of intensive heat or cold oftentimes in spine and chakras

•    The foam of immense pleasure and euphoria

•    Regular mood swings & emotional shifts which are beyond the normal behavior

•    An overloaded sensory feel of lights, noise, sound

•    Exotic internal sounds of thunder, buzzing, and musical instruments

•    A gesture of wisdom & foresight

•    Empowering the level of creativity

•    Better functioning of the body

Health Benefits of Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini yoga is considered to be the utmost of all yoga practices. It offers the joy of Bhakti (enjoyment) as well as Mukti (liberation) to the fullest. The Kundalini energy is claimed to be greater to anything. Thus, Samadhi is considered as the extreme experience of pleasure. The rising level of this Kundalini depends upon the power of meditation and desire of one’s detachment from the outer world.

In this yoga, the creation and sustentation of the body are devotedly united with the God Shiva. The yogis offer their devotement to the lord. The rising of Kundalini energy & the union of Lord Shiva influence the Samadhi state & Spiritual experience.

Some Health Benefits of Kundalini Yoga:

There are a lot of health benefits of Kundalini yoga. Developing one’s inner power through the medium of meditation, yoga, and Pranayama reflects a positive impact over the mind and body. Energizing the body chakras, which believe to be the source of energy in body will help in radiating the positive energies. Thus, result in a providing the stability of mind and healthy body. Kundalini yoga health benefits includes:

•    Strengthening of the nervous system

•    Balancing of the glandular system

•    Reinforce the power of mind & emotion

•    Inculcate the sense of consciousness

•    Build up spine & the endocrine system

•    Increase the potential & maturity level of the body

•    Energies the soul and mind

•    Improves the immunity of the body

Looking to Learn Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is an extensive stage of yoga which cannot be attained without proper guidance from an expert. It requires a clear understanding and right technique to practice this healing yoga which focuses on breathing, meditation, yoga asana, mudras and chanting mantras. The asana being a powerful form of yoga requires to practice under experienced Yoga expert.

In case you are looking to learn Kundalini Awakening Yoga, we at Fitness and more provide professional Yoga sessions by expert trainers. Stay tuned to our blog session for more interesting facts about yoga.

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