How about a 5 minutes yoga break?

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How about a 5 minutes yoga break?

With increase in the number of work hours in office people have started getting many stress related aches and pains. Mostly related to neck, back, legs and shoulders, some of them being long term diseases. Because of all these underlying issues responsible corporate managers are trying to bring in healthy living and working habits by inculcating Corporate Yoga into their work space.

Fitness and more has been regularly conducting corporate yoga sessions in offices to distress employees and bring in more positive energy. Practicing Yoga in the corporate world has a great number of benefits, both for the employer and the employee. Yogic methods increase the health of employees by easing strain on their bodies, thus there is less sick leave and the need for the use of medical benefits. Yogic exercise also decreases stress and anxiety within the minds of workers, creating a positive work atmosphere where ideas flow more freely and productivity is increased. Practising postures (asanas), Yogic breathing (pranayama), and meditation together also brings a better community of workers as they are brought closer together. This increases harmony and creates a happier work space.

India the birthplace of yoga has inspired people from all over the world and ethnicity to be perfectly calm and be in union with your mind, body and spirit. Yoga helps to uplift ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. When you experience this sort of heightened excitement and satisfaction, you’re more likely to form closer and more positive relationships with those you experience it with, ie your colleagues. And let’s face it, it’s hard to deny the endorphins you get after an intense workout! You will be surprised to know it also reduces animosity and cut throat competitions, instead brings in cooperative and team building cultures and ethics.

Corporate life stress has also lead to increase in drinking and smoking habits which disrupts not only ones own life and work but that of the whole family. Instead of involving in these habits if any healthy or mindful activities is encouraged in the office it will be good for overall company health. When you encourage employees to stay active, they tend to lead healthier lifestyles. When you offer a group yoga class instead of drinking and eating events, employees begin to see positive results in their physical appearance, self confidence and general well being. This will increase the output of the company manifolds. Also it will lower healthcare costs for a company and create a more positive work environment with healthy, empowered employees. A happy workplace is filled with employees eager to sweat together at work events rather than nursing a hangover from the networking drink-up.

If you see the benefits of these 5 minutes yoga break, then we are just a call away. Creating harmonious workplaces with happy employees is what we thrive for. We have been in this industry for a long time and seen people reaping the benefits of corporate yoga life style. So take up the Yogic way!

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