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power yoga | fitness and more

Power Yoga

Power yoga involves synchronized fast-paced movements with controlled breathing. It is an intense workout uniting the mind and the body.

hard exercise | fitness and more

Certification Courses

Our training courses will provide you with a strong and lasting foundation for deeper self-practise which will get you started on your path to become a Yoga teacher.

zumba classes | fitness and more

Zumba Classes

Dance to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories. You will not realise while you shed the weight.

salsa classes | fitness and more

Salsa Classes

Influence by the dances from Cuba and Puerto rico this one dance form has become a rage all over the world.

acupressure classes | fitness and more

Acupressure Classes

A 5000 years of practice by practitioners of China. This is a therapy that applies pressure to the key healing points stimulating a person’s self-healing abilities and encouraging energy flow.

corporate & fitness classes | fitness and more

Corporate Wellness & Fitness Classes

Realising the benefits of Yoga, many progressive corporate offices are embracing Yoga and fitness  as their own.

wedding dance | fitness and more

Wedding Choreography

We have received excellent reviews and requests for wedding choreography. Wedding is one of the most precious occasion and you would certainly want to create an impression of a lifetime.

cuba dance | fitness and more

Corporate Events

Organizing of corporate events is one of the most highly acclaimed services which are provided by us. Corporate events mainly include seminars,